LTE小区搜索程序新增bladeRF硬件支持(LTE-Cell-Scanner supports bladeRF)

After LTE-Cell-Scanner supports rtlsdr hackRF, now it supports bladeRF! Here is part of README:

An OpenCL accelerated TDD/FDD LTE Scanner (from rtlsdr/hackRF/bladeRF A/D samples to PDSCH output and RRC SIB messages decoded). By Jiao Xianjun ( Tech blog:

New features, make and Usages

0x01. basic method to build program (针对不同硬件的编译开关)

CellSearch and LTE-Tracker program will be generated in build/src. Use “–help” when invoke program to see all options.

(You may need some related libraries, such as itpp, fftw, libboost-, Curses, … etc.)

0x02. basic usage (If you have OpenCL, make sure those .cl files in LTE-Cell-Scanner/src have been copy to program directory) (使用方法,以及输出示例)

0x02.1 CellSearch –freq-start 1890000000 (try to search LTE Cell at 1890MHz)

0x02.2 LTE-Tracker -f 1890000000 (try to track LTE Cell at 1890MHz)

0x02.3 LTE_DL_receiver (Matlab script. Decode RRC SIB message in PDSCH by reading captured signal bin file)

0x02.4 LTE_DL_receiver 1890 40 40 (Matlab script. Decode SIB at 1890MHz lively with LNA VGA gain of hackRF 40dB 40dB)

See complete README here:

See video outside China:

See video in China:

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