HackRF DAB 广播发射/ HackRF DAB Transmit


  • ffmpeg
  • tooLAME version 0.2l (http://toolame.sourceforge.net)
  • CRC-DabMux
  • crc-dabmod



  • ffmpeg

    • -re means encode mp3 file in real time.
  • toolame converts raw wav input from standard input and encode into MP2 then output to my.fifo

About hackrf_dab_sink.py

it’s just a simple gnuradio-companion flow graph.

Hint: You need to adjust Multiply Const in order to avoid overload of output signal.

some typical DAB Channel

  • 168.160MHz : China Channel 6B
  • 218.640MHz : Europe Channel 11B

How to use tmux to open those two window at the same time?

目前已经被rtl-sdr.com 引用

A RTL-SDR.com reader has written in to let us know about his project
involving transmitting Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) using GNU
Radio and the HackRF. DAB is a digital radio technology that is used
to broadcast radio stations. He uses the CRC-DABMUX and CRC-DABMOD
software to modulate an audio file into DAB and then uses a GNU Radio
python script to write the modulated signal to the HackRF for

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  2. 你好!你这个DAB发射能讲的详细点嘛?以为最近在做GNURadio 的DAB发射,作为一个菜鸟完全没有头绪,希望能得到指导,qq:1257452084